heath bryant.huppert



Aveda Institute, Minneapolis MN


Nominee, NAHA Salon Team, HAUS salon, 2012

Winner, PBA Beacon Award, 2012

Winner, NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year 2014

Nominee, NAHA Makeup Artist of the Year 2016


Born and raised in the old deep south, Heath Bryant-Huppert was immersed in a world of shoulder pads, big hair, and Tammy Faye eye shadow.  It was these formative years, for better or worse, that shaped his outlook on beauty and fashion.  Yet it wasn’t until 2000 that Heath’s passion for cosmetics took off, as he walked past his first MAC cosmetics counter in Parisian department store, in the glamourous Phipps Plaza, Atlanta.  Who would have ever imagined that both girls and boys alike were allowed to play with beautiful makeup?  His initial shock and awe soon tuned to a healthy obsession. 

After a couple of years of learning the basics from friends and family, he sought his first position as a makeup artist with none other than MAC.  Armed with the basic knowledge of late 90’s glamour makeup, he applied his first professional application.  After years of honing his skill, experimenting, and perfecting his eye, he quickly accelerated his career, and started to branch out in new creative outlets.  What started out as beauty expanded to theatre and stage, eventually seating himself as resident makeup artist of Augusta Opera and other companies.  Although different from conventional beauty work, these experiences proved to be both challenging, as well as rewarding.  Eventually, his career with MAC met its unexpected end, as he was headhunted by Sephora in 2008.   His transition to a new career not only brought new experiences, but a new obsession—skincare. 

Late 2010, after relocating from Georgia to Minneapolis, Minnesota with his partner, Heath dove feet first into his newest venture, by enrolling at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis.  Soon after entering the cosmetology program, he met the owners of a fresh new business, HAUS Salon.  The partnership between them quickly took off, and proved to be electric.  Although technically still a full-time student, Heath proved to learn just as much while on the job.  He was able to gain invaluable experience working at fashion shoots, behind the scenes on the runway, and beside the talented team of HAUS Salon.

After graduation from Aveda, Heath began his apprenticeship to become a Hairstylist, meanwhile maintaining his title of Makeup Director for HAUS.  Inspiration boards, look books, face charts, makeup kits, and endless brushes became the norm as Heath expanded his portfolio, and continued to push the envelope.  Heath and the HAUS team strove to prove themselves, and in 2012 the North American Hair Awards (NAHA) nominated them as one of five finalists for Salon Team of the Year.  At the same time, Heath’s first solo editorial photo set won him recognition as one of ProBeauty’s Beacon award winners, highlighting his as a rising star in cosmetology.  Fast-forward to 2014, Heath gained national attention for his makeup design and execution in another of HAUS Salon’s collections entitled “Underground”.  This collection later went on to secure his title as NAHA’s 2014 Makeup Artist of the Year.  Going forward Heath looks forward to expanding his work in both commercial and print.